Flamingos by night
      tickle someone pink

Tickle someone pink, make them smile all day long.

with 50 flamingos delivered to their front yard in the middle of the night! We sneak out between 10:30 PM and 6 AM (every night!) and put an outrageous display in someone’s front yard as a surprise! When they wake up, they’re all over the front yard! The whole yard is full! A great way to start a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or birth of a new baby ( a yard full of storks) in anyone's life.

More than just flamingos

We have the original 1957 flamingos designed by Don Featherstone. These were seen in thousands of yards across the country. But, because many people want more we now have over 50 different items to create your own custom message in the front yard. It is OK just to copy someone else's great idea also. Just check our gallery page on our website for ideas. We also have custom messages available, check out our custom sign page.

Popular Now

One of the best items we have now is our big numbers for the yard. They are each 22 inches tall. A standard order has 30 big numbers. Check out our YouTube channel, Instagram page, or our Facebook page to see some displays that we have created.

We deliver between the night before the big day starting at 10:30 pm. We finish our deliveries by 5:30 am in the morning. We can make special arrangement is you need a specific delivery time or daytime deliveries for an extra fee. We deliver every night of the year. You can place an online order at our official website. If you would like to order the old fashioned way you can call us at (480) 483-3200.

Delivery Area

Most of our deliveries are in the Phoenix metro area. We can make deliveries in Arizona only. The cost for deliveries is based on distance from our warehouse. A destination outside the Phoenix metro area does cost more than our local deliveries.

We deliver every night, check our messages after hours and take last minute orders, so call us!
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